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Prepare Departments for Transitioning to KRONOS 

  • Guide the mapping of existing business processes, procedures, associated systems, and organizational structure to the new KRONOS system and organizational mode
  • Perform Business Process Modeling on department as-is processes in order to effectively align processes with KRONOS system
  • Identify and mitigate gaps between current “as-is” and future “to-be” processes
  • Facilitate communication on key KRONOS issues and assist departments in coordinating activities with KRONOS
  • Identify and communicate lessons learned from prior departments
  • Prepare and provide project and process documentation as needed and provide base level go-live support

VF Partners is uniquely qualified to streamline the integration and business transformation of KRONOS within your department

  • The only consulting company in the State to have successfully implemented Kronos RPA and with Timekeeping currently in UAT process.
  • Provide Business Integration to ease the burden of modernization.
  • Will provide knowledge sharing, documentation, and lessons learned from previous projects.
  • Worked directly with the State Controller’s Office to design and develop interfaces for data exchange.
  • Will integrate KRONOS data with FI$Cal.
  • Decades of experience with large business transformation projects.


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for the State of

Business Transformation

  • Train management and staff on new process and procedures
  • Work directly with department Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with a full understanding of State personnel requirements
  • Apply experienced business analysis capabilities (full transition to new processes)
  • Full internal support with training, knowledge sharing, tools, guides, job aids, etc.
  • Post go-live support with personnel guidance, issue management, mentoring, contract support

Business Process Analysis  

  • Focuses on timely delivery and successful integration with KRONOS
  • Achieves the goals of KRONOS:  Timeliness, Accuracy, Integrity and consistency
  • Bridges the gap between business processes and KRONOS using a standardized best practices approach
  • Assists departments with a full understanding of their processes and how to be prepared to integrate with KRONOS
  • Provides standardized reporting tailored to all levels of the organization
  • Helps departments recognize where change should occur in anticipation of KRONOS

KRONOS Integration Project

Streamline the State Process With




  • Replace the department’s RPA and Timekeeping process with a standardized, enterprise, cloud based, state-of-the-art and State of California compliant software solution
  • Plan, prepare and execute a business transformation process
  • Provide highly functional and configurable tools and reporting with document routing and instant notifications
  • Maintain a central source for personnel and timekeeping management data in order to assist with timely and accurate decisions
  • Provide a technical data sharing methodology between KRONOS, FI$Cal, and SCO​